You can count on us to represent your company to gain the trust of your Arab partners, either in person or over the phone. In most Arab countries, Arab traders prefer to negotiate in Arabic to discuss the business details, which in this case means much more than interpretation. This is when we build a cultural bridge between the Arab and Western sides and that is why the bigger European companies tend to employ native Arabic-speaking sales and liaison managers. 




Hospitality is one of the most important in Arab culture, so in addition to liaison interpreting, we also undertake to welcome, tour and organize delegations from Arab countries. 


What do you get from us?


  • We are providing not only interpretations but also cultural trust in the negotiations.
  • You do not have to hire a separate employee to do business.
  • The sense of security in a foreign country.
  • There will no longer be embarrassing moments when receiving Arab clients.
  • New, key business customer acquisition opportunity.


In what cases should you contact us?


  • You need advice to do business successfully.
  • If you have not visited that Arab country before, especially if it is a less international country.
  • If you want to be sure of the negotiations and need a person of trust next to your company.
  • If your foreign clients come for a longer visit, for several day.




More and more international movies are being produced in Hungary and you can often come across job advertisements for Arab actors, but what is often left out of Arab movies produced by Hollywood is the language control. While the Arabic dialect and text spoken in the movie with the Western ear is almost irrelevant, the Arabic language spoken in most Western movies with the Arabic ear is illogical or just an Arab attempt. Rather comical, but by no means can it be called Arabic.

We undertake Arabic language assistance and reading for movies or other Arabic texts, such as computer programs, support for touristic companies, corporate image videos, podcasts, etc. 


What do you get from us?


  • Arabic texts will be logical for Arab viewers in your movies.
  • Media content retains its authenticity.
  • You can avoid embarrassing language stumbles and grammatically incorrect word combinations.


In what cases should you contact us? 


  • If you want to reach more than just Western viewers with your movies.
  • If you want to respect Arab culture and the opinions of viewers.
  • The Middle Eastern gamer community is one of the largest in the world and Arab society is the largest consumer in the world.
  • If you want to stay original.