Do you desire to live in an Arabic country, while also not feeling helpless? Do you feel like cruising around the Middle East and plunge yourself to the world of the Arabian Nights? Or you simply just wish to know more about the Arabic culture, perhaps. We can help you out with ease.

The language education for Arabic is a constant problem and for a number of reasons. Classes tend to be either highly academic for graduate students far from the daily practicality, or overhyped as a pop-culture phenomenon leading to real progress. While for the first one few people have the time to spare and don’t even need such depths, with the second case years go easily with over-mystified long sessions with no paste.

The other problem come from the rare features of the Arabic itself. There is a general myth, misconceptions around the Arabic language around the world. Many people ask all the time: Do Arabs even understand each other? Unfortunately, it is rarely explained properly that there is a huge difference between the official written formal language, which is the same all around the Arab world, and the spoken language of a given country. And there are even differences between these local dialects. For that reason, Arabs have no problem understanding each other in writing, but they struggle with conversations, if the other person comes from another country. Because of that there is a common problem, namely that the needs of the students are not properly assessed, and therefore not met. Because if you wish to chat, travel, work, or just get yourself mixed up in a region, or country than the local dialect is a must. Yet if you are interested in literature, books, or simply just the press, then you need to learn the harder formal language as well. At least to a certain level, which does not take years in Oxford.

We keep these differences in mind and upon your needs we either focus on written language, a spoken dialect, or by a specific program we provide both.

Our teachers all studied in the Arabic world for years and acquired long years of experience teaching at such international organizations, like the U.N. branches. They are just as ready to show you the written language with ease, or to involve you in the charm of the spoken Arabic. 

And all that is met with a rich flavor of cultural background, which is neglected so often in language programs. Because in this case, you should not focus on the language. 


What do we provide?

  • A language program in small groups, or individually, in which your are interested. The program is built on your needs.
  • A strong, yet manageable program about the written language, or the dialect from experienced teachers. Whichever interests you!
  • Not only dry theoretical material, but a rich insight to the culture and its mindset.
  • A deep dive into the diverse world of the Arab East.


In what case should you contact us?

  • If you already had a bad experience, and you need clear help with the formal language, which is the base of the culture.
  • If you wish to Lear from experience teachers, who know what they talk about, and did not get their degrees simply by sitting in a classroom.
  • If your aim is beyond learning Arabic words. If you really want to learn and think… Arabic style.