Not only do we undertake accompanying, consecutive, or even simultaneous Arabic-Hungarian, English-Arabic interpretation in all settlements of Hungary, but after prior consultation we can accompany you and your team to almost all countries of the world to conduct successful negotiations with Arab parties at the native Arabic level.


We speak Arabic in a Syrian dialect, which makes it easy to understand most people in the Arab world. Moreover, thanks to our international business background, we also have a wealth of experience in business connections in Algeria and Morocco - Arabic spoken in North African Arab countries is very different from Arabic spoken in the Levant region. 


What do you get from us during an interpretation? 


- Interpretation inside and outside Hungary: we contribute to the successful conclusion of your negotiations. 

- The dialect matters, but not to us: We can make ourselves understandable with every Arabic dialect. 

- Do you need interpretation abroad? We will accompany you on your business trip. 

- "An Arabic-speaking interpreter can speak the most to an Arabic client." 


In what cases should you contact us? 


- Your business partners speak Arabic, and you need professional interpretation. 

- You are hosting a partner company delegation. 

- You are traveling for negotiations abroad.